About beach areas

On the beaches of the “Riviera delle Palme” and the adjacent coastal areas it is useful to know where
to find gravel or sandbeaches and public beaches and licensed ones! The local beaches (on the “Lungomare”)
are almost exclusively sandy licensed beaches, while outside the beaches are pebbly with predominantly
public share.
However, you can also find small public beach areas between the licensed areas.
What does this mean for the beach goers?
At a licensed beach, the visitor rents at the operator and thus receives on a daily or even weekly basis
umbrella and beachdeck. Included is access to the toilet, locker room and shower.
In the vicinity there is restaurant and cafe bar. This is convenient and/but you're not alone.
It costs about 10.-to 20.-€/day.
At the public beach areas you are on your own and they are less densely populated!
A large public beach more or less with gravel is between Porto San Giorgio and Marina di Altidona
(north of Pedaso) and also south of Cupra Marittima to Grottammare-North and in the area
of the Tesino rivers estuary (Grottammare-South) being more or less gritty.
The nearest public beach area is found directly at the Hotel "Oasi di Cupra"/Cupra Marittima North.
The beaches of the "Riviera delle Palme" are ideal for children and for non-swimmers,
since the natural rock cliffs, which are about 50 m deep in the sea, provide a low-wave and low-flow sea.
From the beach to the ramparts you can walk in the water.


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